Project Investment and Financing

Wakanda Minerals Co., Ltd. is committed to the exploration, development and operation of overseas high-quality resources. Minerals of particular interest to us are rare and precious minerals, as well as large quantities of minerals that are in long-term demand in the international market, including gold, silver, copper, cobalt, nickle, lead and zinc, etc. We have already established a unique and proven investment network in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and several important mining cities in the world.

Based on Wakanda Minerals Co., Ltd.'s keen sense of the front edge of mining science and technology development, and concluded that predictive maintenance and mining intellectualization will be the future direction of mining development, and the investment of a mining technology company in Chengdu was realized in 2018.

We will adopt different modes such as exclusive investment, holding investment and participating investment according to the different situations of the target project.

Now, we are following up a number of mining investment and financing projects in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. We believe that Wakanda Minerals Co., Ltd. will make remarkable achievements in obtaining high quality mining projects with our rich mining experience and solid professional skills.