Mining Consulting

Mining consulting service is jointly implemented by HOT and Wakanda Minerals Co., Ltd. HOT and Wakanda Minerals have one Fellow (FAusIMM) and five Members (MAusIMM) in the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. We are one of the institutions with the largest number of Fellows and Members in the top international mining societies within China.

We are good at finding fatal defects in advance and predicting cash flow after commissioning.

We can provide not only the Mining Rights Evaluation, but also due diligence and technical reports for project mergers and acquisitions, financing, IPOs.

Our Mining Consulting Service Including

1.Design and Supervision of Exploration Projects

2.Asset Evaluation and Valuation of Mining Industry

3.Engineering Design and Design Review of Mining and Processing Plant

4.Estimation and Audit of Mineral Resources and Recoverable Reserves

5.Technical Assessment of Mining Facilities and Running Projects

6.Technical Assessment and Independent Competent Persons Reports before Project Merger and Acquisition, Financing, Stock Listing or Litigation;

7.Owners Engineers Representation;

Wakanda Minerals developed a professional exploration and evaluation system based on decades years of mining experience and exploration and mining development data. Wakanda Minerals can help mining investors reduce risks, cut costs and shorten the construction period from resource evaluation in exploration stage to value prediction modeling after production.

The database of Wakanda Minerals system not only comes from exploration experience, but also incorporates a lot of actual mine development, construction and production operation data. The prediction of mine value after commissioning is more closer to the actual situation which can better assist the decision-making of mine owners and investors.